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The Would Be Card by Mister-Jackson The Would Be Card by Mister-Jackson
This would be a business card, but quite honestly I'm not too sure about it, or the investment of $35 but anyway it's nice enough to show here.
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ynthamy Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011  Professional General Artist
Why aren't you sure about it?
This would be nice and eye-catching as a business card, especially if it was printed on high quality paper, but, like you said, it would be an investment.
As a piece, the colors work well together and the texture is really cool. Is it a wet window screen? I think the lines on her body kind of overpower the lines above. You could try trimming the thick lines or giving the tentacles more weight to make it less bottom-heavy.
Mister-Jackson Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
It's very plain and simple for one. I personally like the design but more than a few of my friends called me out on it. So I needed some feedback before I invested in the cards (which I did anyway)they came out nice and a lot of people that I handed them out to did enjoy the backside (the drawing). So I guess it was the right call to go out and get em printed.

I intended the drawing to be top heavy so to speak. She was supposed to be floating backwards into the tentacle back drop but ya know it didn't work out and her neck ended up being beautifully elongated because of it. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
ynthamy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011  Professional General Artist
Simplicity is good for a business card. Glad to hear people liked 'em!
I don't get her floating into it as much as it's sucking her in, but the motion is still there.
I guess I just think the tentacles are cool but aren't very defined. Making the image smaller or blurring my eyes turns them into a red blob. If you wanted them to be more noticeable as tentacles, I'd give them more definition or contrast, but if you're satisfied with them being purely a backdrop, they work well.
Mister-Jackson Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011  Student Digital Artist
totally a backdrop. The girl was supposed to be the focal point. Plus there's enough tentacle porn out there, no need to contribute. I'll take that advice next time I decide to do something like this though. I'll probably integrate the tentacles more into the composition than just a nice unassuming backdrop.
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June 28, 2011
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